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“As a single mother of a special needs child, I struggled with placing my 3 yr old son in another’s care, as I have to work full time in order to support my little family. Plus it had to be the perfect fit. I spent many sleepless nights, trying to find the best fit. Then, we found Miss. Patti’s. Everything I was struggling to do by myself, I found that Miss Patti was supporting my efforts while I was away. My son’s disabilities made him a challenge to thrive. But with my efforts and her amazing ideas, efforts, and crazy love for her littles, he has grown into this beautiful little 5 yr old who loves others and has completely outshone all his therapists and specialists. She SHOWS children to love, respect and be responsible little beings. Miss Patti has this beautiful, special relationship with my son that I don’t even have.  And I’m OK with that. It teaches them to love others when we parents aren’t around. This is a friendship that will last a lifetime. Thank you Miss. Patti for being you.”

Day Care Drop OffShawna and Anthony

“When we first met Miss Patti 5 yrs. ago; after many weeks of looking for a daycare. We we’re relieved to finally find a place that we felt comfortable trusting with our two young children. The instant we walked through the door I knew it was the place for my children. Miss Patti had an instant connection with my whole family, but most importantly with our kids. Not only is Miss Patti an amazing daycare teacher, but she became family. All the years our children were in her care, I know they were loved to the core, (and still are even though our kids are in elementary school now). Miss Patti not only taught our kids so many things, but taught me how to get my picky kids to eat almost anything I put in front of them, how to get them to stop baby talking, and so many more things, I will forever be great full for walking in Miss Patti’s doors 5 yrs. ago. I would recommend Miss Patti’s Place to anyone looking for daycare. P.s. if you have a little one not yet potty trained…. Then you have hit the jackpot because Miss Patti is the potty training queen.”

Jamie, Craig, Brenden & Devyn


Please tell us a bit about yourself and child. Let us know as much as you can, so we may assist in finding a special place here at Miss Patti’s Place.